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For the Way We Communicate Today

Optoma PK320 Pico Pocket Projector

Today, the way we communicate has changed forever. We take our world with us wherever we go. Our phones carry photos of loved ones; our music and videos are stored on memory cards. And of course, at work, we need to have access to our business tools on the move. We demand more and more of the products that we take with us every day.

Until now, the ability to share your world with your colleagues and friends meant sharing the screen of your phone or relying on laptops and projectors. Today, Optoma Pico Projectors offer a solution. Our latest Pico projectors have memory built in that means that your photos, videos and presentations can all be projected onto almost any blank surface direct from a tiny pocket projector.

Optoma was the first company to realise the potential of the Pico Pocket Projector, introducing this new type of projector to the world in 2008. The original PK101 won plaudits worldwide, amongst them the prestigious Gadget of the Year from Time Magazine in 2008. We didn’t rest on our laurels however and Optoma now has a range of Pico Projectors to fit every pocket!

Pico Pocket Projectors open a whole new way of viewing media and doing business. Similar in size to a mobile phone – PICO Pocket Projectors drop into your pocket or laptop bag without compromising space, the epitome of miniaturisation, functionality and technical ability.

PICOs can connect to almost anything including the latest Apple iPad, freeing you from the small screen. Many have in-built SD card slots allowing you to store up to 32GB of media – enough for any business or holiday trip. PICOs give a whole new meaning to travelling, allowing you to enjoy what you want, when you want. In fact, a PICO Pocket Projector is about the most versatile product you could own!

Optoma Pico Pocket Projector