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Superior performance in-ear headphones

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NE800MSuperior performance in-ear headphones

Superior performance in-ear headphones

Designed for people that care about the sound; these earphones include a brass sound nozzle to minimise vibration and optimise the sound. Coupled with an ultra-lightweight and durable carbon fibre chassis, the NE800M’s exceptional acoustic design brings out all of the detail in your music. These earphones are a substantial upgrade from those that come with your smartphone or music player and set the standard for premium portable sound.


Superior sound
Made from brass and carbon fibre for a clear, powerful sound
Tangle-free cable to support an active lifestyle
Smartphone compatible inline remote and mic

Clear, powerful sound

With a carbon fibre shell and sound nozzle machined from solid brass, the NE800M earphones are free from micro-dynamic vibrations to give an outstanding sound quality.


Superior sound quality

A powerful titanium coated driver housed in a carbon fibre chassis offers exceptional sound quality with smooth, natural highs and deep powerful detailed bass.


Great on the go

These earphones are great on the go with a long 1.3m tangle-free cord and smartphone compatible inline remote and mic that lets you pause or skip tracks and answer and end calls with one-touch ease. They also come with a carry case for added convenience.


All-weather listening

These earphones are designed for all-weather listening to support an active lifestyle.


Comfortable fit

For maximum comfort, we’ve included two types of earbuds in a range of sizes so you can be assured of a snug, slip-free fit. These include Comply™ soft memory foam earbuds which shape themselves to fit perfectly in the ear canal offering superior isolation from noise and creating incredible bass response. Owners who wish to obtain additional Comply™ tips need to choose the 400 series variants. Purchase can be secured from a variety of online facilities.


With a carbon fibre shell and sound nozzle machined from solid brass, the NE800M earphones are free from micro-dynamic vibrations to give an outstanding sound quality. Exhibiting one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any known material, the inherent damping properties makes carbon fibre one of the most acoustically inert materials known to modern science - leaving you with nothing but the sound the artist intended.

The sound nozzle, which is used to direct sound from the transducer into the ear canal, is machined from solid brass. Used in musical instruments throughout history, brass is well known for its balanced acoustical transmission and damping properties. It is also comforting to know that due to its copper content, brass offers potent anti-microbial properties.

The single driver features a large 8.6mm Titanium-coated diaphragm, a powerful N45 Neodymium magnet and an innovative lightweight copper-clad aluminium voice coil. The driver features combined with the acoustic enclosure design yields an earphone with exceptional power, frequency range and transient response resulting in remarkably clear distortion-free holographic imaging with powerful extended bass.


Expert reviews

Gavin's Gadgets
Gavin's Gadgets
April 2017

“Beautifully made”

“Because of the high quality material they produce a very clean sound. You get very good separation.

You can hear a lot of detail – the treble and mids are very good and the bass is firm.”

“They sound fantastic”

June 2016

“If you’re looking for something in a more affordable price range, the NE800M in-ear headphones sell for around $99. They feature a carbon-fiber chassis and are both sturdy and super-light. I have been wearing these to the gym and they seem likely to hold up well…”

“The sound nozzle is made of brass instead of aluminium or whatever indeterminate hodgepodge that goes into cheap “metal” headphones and the brass seems to make a difference in the sound quality.”

“The NE800M headphones are a great deal for $100. They don’t compare to the HEM8 model, but they’re way better than the ones that come with your phone and they sound better than most anything else I’ve heard at this price.”
June 2016

“The NuForce NE800M has a classy golden framed carbon body. It is also well manufactured and has lots of handy features.”

Tech Research
Tech Research
April 2016

“The NuForce NE800M convinces with its neutral and balanced sound quality. Highs are reproduced clearly and even the depths are clearly recognizable. The bass is strong too neutral depending on which of the included earbuds are used. These headphones are a good all-rounder for listening to many music styles”

“Pro’s: expellant processing; neutral sound quality; many earbuds included; chic carry case.“
March 2016

“Carbon fibre bicycle frames are no surprise to anyone; the durable and lightweight material has conquered new areas, including the audio industry. Optoma NuForce offers its customers the NE800M utilising the benefits of this material.”

+ Production quality
+ Good sound
+ Comfortable, secure fit
+ Elegant design
+ Good accessories (case + ear tips)
+ Cable with multifunction button and microphone

Dave Plays
Dave Plays
February 2016

“The overall audio quality was very impressive, at least when I changed to the included Comply tips. With a nice warm sound that was impressive across the many different styles of music I was playing.”

“Overall, the NE800M’s have been really nice to use and I have been impressed with the both the build and sound quality provided. With this I am happy to award the NE800M and Optoma the Gold Award.”

Tablet PC
Tablet PC
August 2015

Awarded 5 stars for sound, use and equipment by Tablet PC magazine.
“The NE800M really helps to plunge deeply into the music, it creates a warm and pleasant sound, it gives to the fundamental tone a chance to the weak smartphone sound to win significantly more on volume.”

Tested Technology
Tested Technology
June 2015

The brass and carbon fibre construction is designed to dampen unwanted vibrations, but also has the (for me desirable) side-effect of giving them a distinctly Steam Punk look.

If you’re wondering about this choice of materials (I was) you’ll be interested to learn that carbon fibre, weight for weight one of the strongest materials on earth, is also one of the most acoustically inert due to its inherent damping properties.

The Optoma NE800M earbuds are a far cry from your typical free-with-the-phone accessories, but the difference is clearly audible and visible in the build quality.
May 2015

“These advanced in-ear headphones are made from brass and carbon fibre. They also have an ultra-wide band driver, like a steampunk F1 car piloted by Nigel Mansell.  Unlike an F1 car, they offer a comfortable ride thanks to foam and silicone ear tips.”

Gadget Speak
Gadget Speak
April 2015

“I was perfectly happy with the fit and feel of the silicon tips fitted when the earbuds arrived, I did try the isolation plus tips which fit easily to the earbuds in place of the silicon ones, they certainly did reduce traffic noise to such a degree that I was hearing my own feet through my body and to my mind these may even be a traffic hazard when walking or cycling.”

“often when ears are stuffed there is a reaction from the ear and it swells making even something like the bud seem as if it is swelling.  I did not suffer from this even when I had the buds in for several hours.”

“My tests with speakers, headphones and earbuds are all fairly similar, a good chunk of my favourite music and some with a good range of sounds both in the higher and lower bands as well as noting separation of instruments. These earbuds gave good range and enough bass and the separation was good.  In this case I also used them to clearly hear dialog in a couple of US films that I normally struggle to get clarity especially in the female speaking – muttering – voice.”

HiFi Pig
HiFi Pig
March 2015

Sound Quality – 8.7/10
Value for Money – 8.2/10
Build Quality – 8.55/10
Overall – 8.48/10

The NE800M is engineered from carbon fibre, which has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios and with its strength is of the most acoustically inert materials, as witnessed by its wide use by companies such as Wilson Benesch.  The nozzle is machined from solid brass to, as the company stress, prevent micro-dynamic vibrations and to achieve the ultimate musical reproduction.

In my listening tests, I found external noise was still being well isolated, and whilst bass was noticeably improved in speed and depth in the NE800M than its cheaper sister, I did not find my ears were blowing up like they do with JVC XX Xtreme Xplosive bass blasters, for example. I was highly relieved, as were my eardrums, and there was no listening fatigue at long listening times.

I was immediately impressed with the sensitivity (largely as a result of the lower impedance) and the maximum SPL. It enabled me to play music with force without the need to worry about sound breakup. At the other end, and much better for my ears, low level listening was both full range and musical.

I really did like what I heard, even the breath from the pianist as she played with passion.

The speed and detail of sound was superb as was picking out each individual instrument in the array of sounds. In all that I played vocals were vociferous, bursts from bass drums bellowed without any hint of struggle, and cymbals were sizzlingly good; not OTT, just everything there in the right proportion, like that perfect restaurant food.

The NE800M’s are a stonkingly good pair of earphones if you can put up with being on the heavy side. The dynamic range and frequency response is excellent courtesy of the powerful “N50” neodymium motor structure that allows the deepest and most authoritative bass, and I have to say that I really did enjoy listening to these.

Owner reviews

Impressive earphones
Clive Peterson, London, March 2015.Purchased from N?A
I’ve heard the earphones when I visited the Bristol show and was very impressed. They sounded far better than my headphones. Can they be purchased anywhere?
Optoma says...
Dear Clive, thank you for submitting your review on the new Optoma NuForce NE800M earphones. They are currently available, in the UK, from Thanks, Optoma
Great Sound and Range for Ear Buds
Chris Whitley, Colorado, November 2015.Purchased from Optoma
These headphones are great due to the range they have when listening to music. They are great for working out also, but if you want to sit back, relax and hear music with a deep rich sound. These headphones have great low end and mid range sound. You can not go wrong with these headphones weather you are a music enthusiast or looking for quality sound for an active life style.
Awesome set of earphones!!
Kristie, Los Angeles, November 2015.Purchased from Amazon
Highly recommended set of earphones, especially for audiophiles like myself. Great range of frequencies all across from lows to highs, and i especially love the extra foam earbuds and carrying pouch. A+ to optoma for such a great product!!
Jordan Cary, Tempe, AZ, December 2015.Purchased from Optoma
Very pleased with the overall appearance of the earphones, seem well built and look great. The sound is even better. Great low end, but still a well balanced sound that preserves the mid and high aspects as well. Great product!
good sound
aaron zeigler, austin, May 2016.Purchased from massdrop
great clear sound. really clear on the high end of the sound, with a smooth base. I'm not super into the cord as it tends to stick together.


Frequency response
10Hz - 40kHz
16 Ohms
Maximum input sound level
120dB S.P.L
Connections input
3.5mm (4-pole stereo)
Connections output
8.6mm driver Titanium coated diaphragm


Frequency response
10Hz - 40kHz
Cable length
1.37 M
Driver unit
16 Ohms
Maximum input sound level
120dB S.P.L
Connections input
3.5mm (4-pole stereo)
Connections output
8.6mm driver Titanium coated diaphragm

Weight and dimensions

Weight (kg)
0.018 (18g)

In the box

Standard accessories
Carry case
3x pairs of single silicone earbuds (sizes S, M, L)
2x pairs of Comply™ earbuds (sizes M, L)
Full specifications


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