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BE Free5
Premium true wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

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BE Free5Premium true wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

Premium true wireless Bluetooth in-ear headphones

For ultimate convenience, the BE Free5 true wireless earbuds have no cables or neckband for unrestricted movement at any time. Designed for clear, uninterrupted audio, the portable carry case doubles up as a charger - allowing users to stay connected for non-stop listening on the go. Equipped with advanced audio coding and AAC, they deliver audiophile sound quality and stable wireless connection with no lag.


Cable free

True wireless earphones

Quick charge

Just 15 minutes in the case gives you 1 hour of listening time

Audiophile sound quality with graphene coated drivers

Enhanced with AAC for Apple® and Android™ 8.0

Non-stop listening on the go

16 hour battery life with charging case

Wireless Freedom

Free yourself from cables with advanced Bluetooth® technology. This means easy connection to your smartphone and distortion-free listening at any volume. And with a 10 metre (33ft) range you can even leave your smartphone on the floor or in your pocket whilst you focus on your workout.

Wireless Freedom

Non-stop music and calls

Enjoy continuous uninterrupted audio and phone calls throughout the day on a single charge with an impressive battery life.

Non-stop music and calls

Full headphone functionality

These multi-functional truly wireless earbuds have a built-in cVc™ noise-cancelling microphone for calls, and a button on top of the earpiece to to play, pause and skip songs as well as activate Siri and Google Assistant.

Full headphone functionality

SpinFit® ear tips

The newly patented ear tips are developed from high quality silicone. They are uniquely designed to rotate 360 degrees at the centre to allow the earbuds to sit comfortably in your ear.

SpinFit® ear tips

Sweat and water resistant - IPX5

Resistant against rain and sweat, these IPX5 in-ear headphones are ideal for any active lifestyle.

Sweat and water resistant - IPX5

Wings tips

Supplied with specially designed wing tips to lock the earbuds in securely in your ear and stop them falling out during strenuous activity.

Wings tips


Hear every detail when playing music from Apple devices and other sources such as YouTube, DAB radio and streaming services.


Quick Charge

Enjoy up to an hour of continuous listening with a 15 minute charge.

Quick Charge

Graphene coated drivers

Compared to traditional drivers, graphene coated drivers are lighter, more precise and have excellent conductivity which requires less power to drive. This means that no matter what genre of music you are listening to, the bass, mids and high tones are clearly defined with low distortion.

Graphene coated drivers

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Expert reviews

Tech 404
Tech 404
November 2018

I was very impressed by how stable and simple the pairing mode was.  I can’t really fault it at all.

They sound much better than I anticipated for a sub £100 pair of buds.  They sound balanced.

The mids are really good. Low end sounds are beefed up and in terms of bass, I was pleasantly surprised. There is a great depth of jolt impact without losing control. The same can also be said for the highs – they sound good! Really good in fact.

The Be Free5 slot right into the current sweet spot of sub £100 and offer more than enough in terms of quality audio, good battery life and the build quality to justify the price.

November 2018

Best true wireless buds under £100

"There are a few sub-£100 true wireless buds available now but truth be told, most are a bit crap. Optoma NuForce's candidate for sub-ton domination, by contrast, do just about everything well, and are better than many buds costing more."

"In terms of comfort, fit and sound quality they do a good job, especially if you think of them as being primarily for gym use and/or for listening to gym-friendly, beat-driven music, from hip-hop to rock and electronic dance."


Geek Dad
Geek Dad
September 2018

The earbuds themselves are attractive enough, with matte plastic construction and a high gloss stylized finish on the outer surface. Given the price, I was reasonably happy with the audio performance of the BE Free5 earbuds. In general, they tended to emphasize the midrange and highs, but there was some low end. In particular, I found the sound fairly balanced at volumes under 50%. With many earbuds, at these lower volumes, bass can be virtually nonexistent.

The 5K Runner
The 5K Runner
August 2018

For the money and for a sports earbud – the quality you get with the BE Free5 is good.

Perhaps the one thing that stood out to me with the BE Free5 was that the bass was clearly “there” across a wide range of music types.

These Optoma NuForce BE Free5 headphones will not be the choice of an audiophile. But if you appreciate a decent sound, a low price in a sports format earbud then you may well struggle to find better overall package elsewhere.

Even without the wings they stayed in for faster interval runs.

Being light, they are not at all intrusive to wear.

The standard silicone tips, for me, formed an excellent seal. 


Ear In
Ear In
August 2018

The Nuforce BE Free5 are a very good, modern set of wireless earphones. They sit well in the ear and with a little bass boost through the player, they sound very neat. Definitely a fair offer for the price!

July 2018


These have a really good design

They fit very comfortably indeed.  Super comfy, super build quality.

Audio quality – wow! Very, very impressive indeed.  These sound absolutely amazing.  Very, very good high detailed sound.  The mid-range sound really natural. 

  They go nice and low as well.  Well controlled low frequencies and no clinical tinny pitch in the higher frequencies.

They just sound like a good well-rounded pair of earbuds and I think they a suited to plenty of different genres of music.

What I really like about these apart from audio quality is the very neat charging case. That is super useful.

I think Optoma have done an all-round fantastic job!

July 2018

“As a true wireless headphone for budget-conscious music lovers, the Optoma NuForce BE Free5 is absolutely recommended. Minor deficiencies in handling are forgiving in terms of the very good sound quality and the price. It is an encouraging development that now even entry-level models in the True Wireless sector can't offer such a good sound quality.”


Microphone sensitivity
-42dB +/-3dB
Frequency response
20Hz - 20kHz
95dB +/-3dB at 1KHz
Driver type
Number of drivers
Battery life
4 hours (earbuds), Up to 16 hours with charging case
Charge time
15min quick charge for one hour of listening (earbuds + charging case), 2 hours (earbuds), 3 hours (charging case)hrs

Wireless info

Wireless - range
Wireless - operating frequency
Wireless type
Bluetooth v4.1

Weight and dimensions

Net weight

What's in the box

In the box
3* pairs of CP350 silicon ear tips (S/M/L)
1* pair of CP100Z silicon ear tips (SS)
3* pairs of ear wings (S/M/L)
Charging case
mini USB to USB charging cable
Basic user manual
Safety instruction


Verified owner
BE Free5