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High performance amp

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High performance amp

Engineered for audio purists, this two channel power amp provides reference audio quality and is neatly enclosed in a striking metal case. Complimenting any contemporary living space the sleek design and compact dimensions are equally at home displayed as a centre piece or can be discreetly hidden.


80W of pure clean power
Full metal chassis
Dual mono design
Hand picked components

Pure clean power

80 Watts of pure, clean power per channel will fill even the largest rooms with engaging, immersive sound. Jointly developed with the world renowned Swiss audio specialist, Goldmund; this amp features many technical innovations including, among others, a pioneering star-grounding design and dual mono design to ensure your music simply sounds fantastic.


Sleek design

The acoustically damped full metal chassis is crafted from anodised aluminium with an attractive pearl white scratch resistant finish for enhanced resonance control.


The purist design philosophy of this class AB amp is evident in many of its features; from the hand-picked components and circuit designs through to the minimalist acoustically damped all metal chassis.

A dual mono topology has been employed throughout to minimise crosstalk and so maximise the sound quality. This concept begins with the oversized, hand-wound, toroidal transformer with separate taps for the left and right channels and continues with twin rectifiers and separate PSU’s all the way through to the output stages.

This amp is designed to be complimented with a high quality analogue or digital pre-amp and is a perfect partner for the Optoma Nuforce DAC80 or the WDC200 wireless DAC

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Expert reviews

HiFi Choice
HiFi Choice
September 2016

“Detail sounds true and natural and meshes into the larger sonic picture”

“There’s warmth and colour and tactility to the sound”

“The NuForce amp doesn’t smudge edges or blur textures, presenting performers and their acoustic environment as a coherent whole with the full spectrum of tonal colours and beautifully resolved instrumental timbres.” 

“The STA200 is a power amp of some distinction with solid musical instincts”

“In a downscaled audio world, here’s an upgrade well worth auditioning.”

Owner reviews

Verified Review
Strong sound
Petri Heinonen, Järvenpää : Finland, July 2017.Purchased from Hifitalo
First I have say that I write very seldom reviews but do it when I have something to say. I needed an amplifier that has power to play my Heco Concerto Grosso speakers. The seller recommend this as one choice. He said no-one has returned it. And I would't make an exception even if I was first a bit skeptical. I have now listen this almost for a year so my review is based on a long experience. One mistake that many make when buying an amplifier is looking at only the watts it can produce. The same is with this amplifier. Despite the quite low wattages this has power to play my speakers well. The sound is warm but not too much - it is natural I would say. Bass are very deep and strong enough. Even if I am not listening much heavy metal music this works well with it too. We have analyzed it with a friend of mine who is a metal fan. Stereo impression is wide and deep. For me the sound is something that makes me to enjoy music every time I listen. I have tested many amplifiers and this is on the top of my list. It beats many times more expensive ones. Of course the sound that you like is personal but all my friends have been impressed. At least I recommend you to try this!


Power output
2X 80W at 8 Ohm
Connections output
2x 5-way speaker posts


Power output
2X 80W at 8 Ohm
Input impedance
51k Ohm
Output impedance
30m Ohm*
Frequency response
20Hz - 80kHz
Signal to noise ratio
Total harmonic distortion
Power supply
115 / 230V
Power consumption
3.15A/ 1.57A
Nominal input level
Connections input
Connections output
2x 5-way speaker posts

Weight and dimensions

Weight (kg)
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)
355 x 224 x 87

In the box

Standard accessories
Power cable, power connector (for WDC200),
quick start guide




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