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Wireless DAC

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Wireless DAC

Designed for music lovers, the WDC200 wireless DAC is all about getting the best possible sound quality from any wireless digital device. Compatible with Apple AirPlay® and Android devices, it provides a simple way to stream your favourite music from your home network or mobile device to your sound system. For ultimate sound quality, high resolution file formats are supported for Android users.


Highest quality sound from wireless devices
Compatible with AirPlay® for Apple users
Supports high resolution wireless for Android users
Easy connection to active speakers

Stream your audio

The WDC200 can connect music stored on a network to an audio system, or stream tracks directly from your mobile device. For Apple users it’s compatible with AirPlay®, fully supports iTunes® and can be used with streaming music services like Spotify® and Deezer™. Android users benefit from being able to play standard and high resolution files up to 24bit/96kHz


Advanced wireless connection

The WDC200 delivers rock solid, glitch free high resolution sound with wide bandwidth 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi technology.


Convenience and connectivity

For added convenience, a volume control enables the WDC200 to be used as a pre-amp allowing direct connection to active speakers. The optical input provides flexibility enabling connection of a non-wireless digital device.


The WDC200 wireless DAC boasts re-clocking and circuit design technologies for ultimate accuracy, clarity, stability and resolution. Using WiFi 802.11b/g/n technology, the WDC200 delivers high resolution sound with harmonically accurate and jitter-free music. It also supports DLNA and is compatible with Apple AirPlay®. The WDC200 makes an ideal partner for the STA200 stereo power amp or can also be used with the STA120.


Expert reviews
August 2015

“The Optoma NuForce duo from digital to analog converter WDC200 and the amplifier STA200 deliver not only highest quality optic but also excellent sound that can be probably even further enhanced by high-quality cables and provided good speakers.
Who wants to listen to audiophile music in highest quality via airplay, should take these devices in narrower consideration.  While these devices are certainly anything but mainstream devices, but definitely worth every penny!”
April 2015

Likes (English translation):
• A beautiful musicality, soft and clear
• Very nice level of detail
• A good deep listening
• The convenience of wireless tapping, DLNA and AirPlay
• Stability of connection
• The ease of implementation


"The NuForce WDC200 is without trouble an inevitable solution.”

“Moreover, it is now the only DAC capable of supporting both wireless protocols."

"The WDC200 offers an interesting tonal balance."

"NuForce offers us a solution that is practical and especially powerful by its musicality and its liveliness ."

Wireless type
Native bit rate


Output impedance
47k Ohm
Maximum sampling rate
Bit resolution
Frequency response
Signal to noise ratio
Total harmonic distortion
Power supply
5V (450mA)
Power consumption
Output voltage
Sample rate indicator
32, 44.1, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192
Native bit rate
Volume control
Connections input
802.11b/g/n wireless , optical
Connections output

Wireless information

Wireless type
Wireless frequency
Connection mode

Weight and dimensions

Weight (kg)
Dimensions (W x D x H) (mm)
180 x 215 x 42

In the box

Standard accessories
External power supply
Wireless antenna
Basic user's manual




Verified owner