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Press Releases

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28/03/2018 Impressive new 4K home projector UHD51 supports Full 3D
28/02/2018 Enter the next generation: HD27e
27/02/2018 Optoma launches flagship DuraCore laser projector: ZU1050
19/02/2018 UHD40: Bringing cinema home
12/02/2018 Extra ultra choice for schools
26/01/2018 Optoma to unveil new large format LED display range at ISE 2018
11/12/2017 Optoma to unveil new visual display technology at ISE 2018
04/12/2017 Business looks brighter with Optoma’s new trio: EH470, EH461 and EH460ST
29/11/2017 Business presentations made simpler with Optoma QuickCast
08/11/2017 Optoma launches true wireless in-ear headphones with BE Free8
27/10/2017 Optoma adds short throw projector range to its 515 series
23/10/2017 Integrated edge blending now with every ZU850
11/10/2017 Optoma launches Chameleon PS200/300 series 4K presentation scaler-switchers
30/09/2017 Optoma launches UHZ65 laser 4K UHD projector
29/09/2017 Optoma EMEA celebrates 20th birthday and opens new HQ
24/08/2017 Optoma expands wireless in-ear headphones line-up with the NuForce BE2
22/08/2017 Optoma expands Darbee range with new HD39Darbee home projector
02/08/2017 Optoma unveils next evolution of its multi-award winning HD28DSE projector
25/07/2017 Optoma launches new ultra-compact smart LED projector with built-in WiFi and integrated android
05/06/2017 Optoma launches UHD 4K projector UHD550X
05/06/2017 Optoma launches UHD 4K projectors UHD60 and UHD65
01/06/2017 New 4K UHD visualiser brings super fine detail to the class
01/06/2017 Optoma expands award-winning Hi-Res HEM series
24/05/2017 Optoma launches dome lens - BX-CTADOME
23/05/2017 Optoma broadens its horizons with dedicated dome projection lens
18/05/2017 Optoma launches Full HD ZH510T bright laser projector
16/05/2017 Optoma adds Full HD projector to its DuraCore laser line-up
09/05/2017 Optoma launches next evolution of its ultra short throw home projector GT5000+
04/05/2017 Optoma launches super flexible HDBaseT transmitter 4K100TX
24/04/2017 Optoma launches laser ultra short throw 400 series
19/04/2017 Optoma EMEA celebrates 20 year anniversary
14/04/2017 Laser ultra short throw series ‘Superb for signage’
11/04/2017 Optoma unveils DARBEE version of its GT1080e gaming projector
07/04/2017 Optoma launches ZU650+ with improved colour
03/04/2017 Optoma launches 400 and 400+ series
13/03/2017 Optoma launches the 8,200-lumen ZU850 ProScene projector featuring MultiColor Laser
07/02/2017 Optoma unveils DuraCore laser technology, 4K UHD and home entertainment projectors at ISE 2017
20/01/2017 Optoma to unveil DuraCore laser technology, 4K UHD and home entertainment projectors at ISE 2017
06/12/2016 Brighter for longer – 30,000 hours full brightness
18/11/2016 Optoma to unveil new laser, 4K UHD and gaming projectors along with innovative mapping solutions at ISE 2017
18/10/2016 Optoma launches Projection Mapper with competition to transform any space
17/10/2016 Transform any space with Optoma’s new app: Projection Mapper
10/10/2016 Wireless freedom with Optoma’s new lightweight in-ears: BE Sport3
24/08/2016 Optoma and Mustek forge new partnership in South Africa
09/08/2016 Optoma launches new HD27 home entertainment projector for lights-on viewing
08/08/2016 Optoma gets Edinburgh Fringe star out of a pickle
15/06/2016 Amazing Colour – vibrant, long-lasting and accurate colours
13/06/2016 Optoma unveils impressive new HEM range of high resolution in-ear headphones
03/06/2016 Optoma launches DC550 visualiser with clever folding arm
31/05/2016 Optoma receives award for achieving #1 EMEA DLP® Brand - High Brightness Projectors
19/05/2016 New ambient light rejecting projector screen gives better contrast and brighter images
09/05/2016 Optoma award winning wireless NuForce in-ear headphones – now even better
18/04/2016 Optoma launches new range for summer of sport
13/04/2016 Optoma expands ProScene range with new compact WUXGA installation projector
05/04/2016 All things bright and beautiful with new WU416 high resolution projector
29/03/2016 Optoma unveils uDAC5 Hi-Res super small DSD DAC and headphone amp
15/03/2016 Optoma launches ZH300UW ultra-wide short throw laser projector
04/03/2016 Optoma expands ProScene range with new WU1500 flagship installation projector
23/02/2016 Projecting the future of retail
03/02/2016 Optoma unveils world’s first 4K HLD projector at ISE 2016
26/01/2016 Optoma unveils 6,000-lumen lamp-less laser-phosphor projector
21/12/2015 Optoma to unveil cutting-edge laser and 4K UHD projection technology at ISE 2016
25/11/2015 ML750ST: Big things come from small packages
19/11/2015 Optoma launches 1080p multimedia streaming device
04/11/2015 GT5000 neat solution for gamers, sports fans and film buffs homes
27/10/2015 Businesses presentations get more collaborative with 1080p wireless device
05/10/2015 Music lovers get high quality sound and superior design with new wireless in-ear headphones
17/09/2015 Optoma launches world’s first projector with DARBEE image enhancement
26/08/2015 Optoma and Disway forge new partnership
19/08/2015 Clear and bright presentations with Optoma’s new 1080p business projector
12/08/2015 Optoma’s new 515 projector makes installation simple
10/08/2015 Onebillion unveils solar-powered projection solution to transform the education of Malawian children
26/06/2015 Optoma unveils next generation of multi-award-winning HD91
12/06/2015 Philips partners with Optoma to showcase new ground-breaking ColorSpark HLD LED technology
02/06/2015 The latest tech in the North East at LE Concepts Summer Open Day
21/05/2015 Optoma’s first 1080p ultra short throw now available
28/04/2015 Optoma NuForce brings reference quality earphones to the UK with Primo8
22/04/2015 Optoma unveils new petite power amp STA120
15/04/2015 The Rugby World Cup is going to be bigger, better and brighter at Farnham RUFC
13/04/2015 Optoma to bring brighter visuals to the classroom: EH415ST
23/03/2015 Gadget Show visitor warning: Brace for a blast to the senses
17/03/2015 New lenses open up a world of new possibilities
11/03/2015 Better sound with Optoma NuForce earphones out now
09/03/2015 Optoma launches new business projectors
09/03/2015 Optoma launches new projectors for education and public sector
13/02/2015 Optoma further extends its commitment across the Middle East and Africa
29/01/2015 Optoma unveils audio range at ISE 2015 and reveals its new 1080p ultra short throw projector
19/01/2015 Optoma unveils new audio range
15/01/2015 Optoma launches new high definition visualiser DC450
22/12/2014 Optoma extends free lamp offer to schools
10/12/2014 Optoma launches new generation 3D glasses
04/12/2014 Optoma is growing!
28/11/2014 Optoma to unveil new audio range at ISE 2015
27/11/2014 Optoma to unveil new audio range and showcase the latest developments in projection technology at ISE 2015
13/11/2014 Optoma acquires NuForce the critically acclaimed Californian based consumer audio company
13/11/2014 Optoma acquires NuForce brand
10/11/2014 Edge blending showstopper at Optoma Showcase
15/10/2014 Smart VueMagic™ app allows presenters to roam free
16/09/2014 Optoma expands its LED home cinema range
15/09/2014 New 1080p business projector to energise business presentations
10/09/2014 Optoma UK expands LED lighting business
05/09/2014 HD36: A bright new extension to Optoma’s 1080p home range
04/09/2014 HD36: Super-sized 1080p images any time of day
19/08/2014 Optoma launches 1080p 3D wireless HDMI system
18/08/2014 Optoma’s new HD141X unveiled at Insomnia
07/08/2014 Optoma launches HD26 projector
04/08/2014 Optoma launches 1080p classroom projector
01/08/2014 HD50: Movie fans can get the cinema experience with Optoma’s new 1080p home projector
14/07/2014 GT1080: Optoma launches its best ever gaming projector today
29/05/2014 Jolly Sportsman in Chesham named Best Pub in national competition
23/05/2014 The Jolly Sportsman wins Best Pub Poll
07/05/2014 Win a home entertainment projector in Optoma's new keepy-uppy game
28/04/2014 Multi-award-winning HD91 now available to buy
24/04/2014 Optoma expands ProScene projector range with X605 featuring interchangeable lenses and full lens shift
22/04/2014 Optoma extends its commitment across the Middle East and Africa
22/04/2014 Optoma launches EH505 ProScene projector in black
15/04/2014 Optoma launches Best Pub Poll for football fans
14/04/2014 Optoma launches ultra-portable LED Projector
10/04/2014 Optoma warns against fake lamps
09/04/2014 Two versatile projectors for Optoma’s business range
09/04/2014 Optoma launches Chameleon GB-200 image blending and warping processor
03/04/2014 Optoma launches new range of business projectors
28/03/2014 Box and Optoma showcase natty new projectors at the Gadget Show
17/03/2014 Games Awards inspires gamers
14/03/2014 Optoma launch the DC350 next generation flexible neck Visualiser
28/02/2014 New portable projectors unveiled for schools
14/02/2014 Pin sharp pictures from new high resolution projector
13/02/2014 Three new powerful performers at the top of the class
12/02/2014 Special effects lens brings moving images to life
10/02/2014 Business looks brighter with Optoma’s new range
04/02/2014 Two more bright ideas for Optoma’s ProScene range
29/01/2014 Optoma announces full product line-up and Pro AV solutions on show at ISE 2014
22/01/2014 New DC400i Visualiser brings crystal clear detail to the classroom
22/01/2014 Optoma launches ML750 - the new 700 LED lumens ultra-portable HD ready projector
12/01/2014 Optoma offers extra support for education
10/01/2014 Optoma to launch HD LED home cinema projector at Bristol Show
06/09/2013 Optoma Launches HD91 Full HD LED Home Cinema Projector
30/07/2013 Optoma Launches 800 Lumen Ultra-Portable LED Projector
30/07/2013 Optoma Launches 1000 Lumen Ultra-Portable LED Projector
10/07/2013 Optoma Launches 5000 Lumen WUXGA High Performance DLP Installation Projector
20/06/2013 Optoma Launches Ultra-Portable HD Ready LED Business Projector
02/05/2013 Optoma Launches New 7000 Lumen ProScene Projector
02/05/2013 Optoma Launches New 7500 Lumen ProScene Projector
22/02/2013 1080p 3D Cinema in your Living Room with the Latest High Spec Optoma Projector
23/01/2013 Optoma Europe Announces Full Line-up for ISE 2013
05/11/2012 Optoma Europe takes its biggest ever stand space at ISE 2013
31/10/2012 Optoma provides Twenty EW865 Projectors for Everything Everywhere 4G Mobile Service Launch
01/10/2012 Optoma launches HD6720 3D Entertainment Home Cinema Projector
03/09/2012 Optoma launches EH7500 ProScene Projector in white and offers customised colour option
28/08/2012 Optoma Launches HQView520 and HQView320 Image Scalers
17/07/2012 Optoma launches ProScene High Brightness EX855 and EW865 Installation Projectors
25/06/2012 Optoma Launches LED+ Short Throw LED/Laser Hybrid Projectors
14/06/2012 Optoma Launches PK301+ Fully Featured Pico Pocket Projector
24/05/2012 Optoma launches EW631 Eco+ high brightness “Green”
14/05/2012 Optoma launches WHD100 Full 1080p 2D and 3D Wireless HDMI System
17/04/2012 Optoma launches ProScene EX855 and EW865 XGA/WXGA 5500/6000 Lumens Installation Projectors
22/03/2012 Optoma Launches ML300, Lamp Free and PC Free 300 Lumens Ultra-Portable LED Projector
12/03/2012 Optoma Launches Bright 5000 ANSI Lumens XGA Projector with Crestron RoomView™ Support
08/03/2012 Optoma’s First ProScene Roadshow
31/01/2012 Optoma announces the New HD23 2500 ANSI Lumen 1080p Home Entertainment Projector
26/01/2012 Optoma Announces an Exciting New Partnership with Digital Home Distributor Computers Unlimited
13/01/2012 Optoma presents diverse product line-up at ISE 2012
09/01/2012 Optoma presents stunning line-up at BETT 2012
01/12/2011 Optoma launches its first ProScene Projector for demanding professional applications
15/11/2011 Optoma GT750: Big Screen Full 3D, HD Ready Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector with integrated Award-Winning Optoma 3D-XL technology
11/11/2011 Optoma to Demonstrate Brand New Product Line-up for 2012 at the Spicers Show
07/11/2011 Optoma Announces an Exciting New Partnership with Irish Distributor Square One
26/09/2011 Optoma GT750: Big Screen Full 3D, HD Ready Gaming and Home Entertainment Projector
20/09/2011 New ThemeScene HD83 Full 3D 1080p Projector
07/09/2011 Full 3D 1080p Cinema in your Living Room with the Latest Home Entertainment Optoma Projector
23/08/2011 Optoma Launches New Range of Ultra Short Throw Projectors
01/08/2011 Optoma launches new Pico Pocket Projector PK120
01/07/2011 Projector expert Optoma introduces the new DC300i Visualiser
03/06/2011 Free Software Download Makes the Optoma HD65, HD700X and GT7000 3D Compatible with the Award Winning Optoma 3D-XL
07/04/2011 Optoma Demonstrates 3D Projection at The Gadget Show Live
04/04/2011 Optoma Expands Digital Signage Offering
07/02/2011 Optoma to Display Big Screen 3D for the Home at The Bristol Show 2011
25/01/2011 Optoma Presents Stunning Line-up at ISE 2011
01/12/2010 New Optoma HD67N NVIDIA® 3DVision™ Ready Home Cinema Projector
01/11/2010 World’s First 3D Projector Adapter Preview
20/10/2010 World’s first 3D Projector Adapter - 3D-XL announced
19/10/2010 New ThemeScene HD87 1080p Projector
01/07/2010 Optoma’s New Lower Price Points Makes ThemeScene Award Winning Full HD Projectors Unbelievably Affordable
01/07/2010 Optoma Extends Full HD 1080p Range with the New EH1060 Projector - Bright 3500 ANSI Lumens and Crestron RoomView™ Support
01/06/2010 Optoma launches EX785 - a new high performance installation projector with interchangeable lenses, full lens shift and Crestron Roomview™ compatibility
01/06/2010 Optoma launches PK301, the Pico Pocket Projector for business - The brightest projector in the Optoma Pico range
01/06/2010 Optoma launches PK201, the very latest in Pico Pocket Projectors - With built-in media player and micro SD slot for up to 32GB
01/05/2010 Smooth Motion – 1080p 24 Frame Support with Optoma’s NEW HD67 HD Ready Home Cinema Projector
01/04/2010 Optoma advances its full HD Corporate Projector Offering
01/04/2010 Optoma launches EW533ST Short-Throw Widescreen Projector
01/04/2010 Optoma launches next generation Pico PK102 Pocket Projector
22/10/2009 New ThemeScene HD86 1080p Projector with Full Lens Shift
22/09/2009 Optoma EMEA records 10% market share in EMEA region for first time
14/09/2009 Optoma Showcases New Digital Signage Range at Digital Signage Show Europe 2009
01/07/2009 Full HD 1080p projector at under £900 with the Optoma HD20
05/05/2009 Optoma unveils its incredible EP7155i ultra-portable projector
29/04/2009 Smarter Living brought to life by the Optoma DVD100 projector at the Ideal Home Show
22/04/2009 Optoma Enters Digital Signage Market with HD Media Player and Point of Purchase Display Panels
23/03/2009 Optoma Expands Its Range of DLP Projectors for Installation Market - High-end projector approved for 24/7 operation
24/02/2009 Optoma Themescene’s astonishing HD82 Full HD projector
04/02/2009 High definition cinematic experience with the new ThemeScene HD82
02/02/2009 Optoma Launches EP783S High Performance Installation Projector
17/12/2008 Optoma GameTime Projector Packs Hit Selected PC World Stores Across the UK
08/12/2008 Beam Your Extreme Stunts in an Instant with Optoma’s Pico Pocket Projector
20/11/2008 Optoma Pico Hits UK Shops - Pocket projector available now from PC World online and in-store
21/10/2008 Optoma Launches the UK’s smallest Pico Projector
17/09/2008 Big Screen Gaming On The Go With Optoma GameTime Projectors
19/08/2008 Optoma launches World’s Smallest Pico Pocket Projector at IFA Berlin 2008
18/06/2008 Optoma Introduces World’s First Palm-sized Pico Projector
28/02/2008 ThemeScene® HD75 – the ‘flat out’ winner!
16/11/2007 The Smallest Wide-Boy on the street, The EP1691 - 2500 Lumen WXGA Projector
15/11/2007 Tiny Size - Big Impression, The EP7155 - 2500 Lumen XGA Projector
14/11/2007 Optoma 10 Year Colour Guarantee
22/10/2007 ThemeScene HD80 Scoops Major Award
02/08/2007 EP761 and EP752 - Extensive connectivity & Outstanding image quality
30/07/2007 IFA 2007 - Big Screen and Gaming Opportunities from ThemeScene®
12/07/2007 The EP774 - 4000 Lumen Projector – Heavy on Brightness, Light on Pounds
11/07/2007 The ThemeScene® HD80 – Seen as Scene Perfect
09/07/2007 Optoma Scoops Major Business Award
06/06/2007 HD DVD Promotional Group demonstrates flagship ThemeScene® HD81 projector for Cannes showcase
01/06/2007 The New MovieTime™, DV11 Digital DVD Projector and Sound System
11/01/2007 Optoma launches new HD Ready, 720p ThemeScene® HD73 Home Cinema projector
05/01/2007 Optoma Launches Its First 4000 Lumen Data Projector
05/01/2007 The Optoma EP771 Delivers Bright Vivid Images for Multimedia Applications
05/01/2007 The Optoma EP770 Delivers Bright Vivid Images for Office and Home Applications
02/11/2006 ThemeScene® HD3000 Enhanced HD Video Processor
01/11/2006 Panoview English Press release
01/09/2006 HD70 Press Release UK
01/09/2006 Ultra High Performance, 1080P Home Cinema projector.
16/08/2006 Optoma Launches Its First True WXGA HD Ready Digital Projector
01/02/2006 Optoma launches new HD Ready ThemeScene® Home Cinema projector
19/01/2006 EP910 - A truly brilliant native SXGA+ business projector
01/01/2006 EP747 - A projector for all seasons