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Optoma Projection Mapper

Transform any space

Optoma Projection Mapper enables you to beam multiple images and video onto 3D surfaces to create digital art – known as projection mapping. It’s a completely new way to use your home projector to create unique light displays for the same engaging experience you see at large events. Project onto any surface in your home, party venue or event space.

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Advanced tutorial

UI Icons

Scene operations

Projection Mapper
Enter performance mode
Projection Mapper
New shape
Projection Mapper
New shape (Bezier)
Projection Mapper
New shape (circle)
Projection Mapper
New shape (triangle)
Projection Mapper
Snapping on
Projection Mapper
Snapping off
Projection Mapper
Projection Mapper
Projection Mapper
Touch particle selection

Content selection

Projection Mapper
Video file
Projection Mapper
Image file
Projection Mapper
Refresh the list
Projection Mapper
Import image
Projection Mapper
Import video
Projection Mapper
Beat detection
Projection Mapper

Shape operations

Projection Mapper
Shape content
Projection Mapper
Shape unlocked
Projection Mapper
Shape locked
Projection Mapper
Duplicate shape
Projection Mapper
Shape order
Projection Mapper
Delete shape

Performance mode

Projection Mapper
Exit performance mode
Projection Mapper
Play recorded session
Projection Mapper
Record session
Projection Mapper
Stop recording / Stop playing
Projection Mapper
Activate touch particle


Projection Mapper
Previous screen
Projection Mapper
Home screen


Projection Mapper
Purchased package has an update
Projection Mapper
Package is ready to use
Projection Mapper
Package is purchased but not downloaded


What is Projection Mapper?
Projection Mapper is a mobile app which enables users to beam multiple images and video onto 3D surfaces to create digital art – known as projection mapping. This app is designed for use with a digital projector.
Where can I download Projection Mapper?
It is available for download on the App Store, Google Play or the Amazon AppStore.
Can I use Projection Mapper on any mobile device?
It is compatible with Android, iOS and Amazon Kindle Fire devices.
Can I use Projection Mapper on multiple devices/ accounts?
Multiple devices: yes, as long as it’s the same account (Google play, App store, etc.).
Multiple accounts: no, each account needs to purchase the app separately.
Does Projection Mapper work only with Optoma projectors?
Projection Mapper will work with any projector that you can connect to your smart device.
Can I use my own images and videos (content)?
Yes, you can import your own images and videos. See ‘How to use my own images and videos’ below.
What image formats and resolutions are supported?
Supported image formats are jpg and png with a resolution of up to 2048x2048 pixels.
Is there a maximum file size for uploading content?
There is no maximum file size; however we recommend a maximum file size of 10mb. A maximum of 100 files can be added.
What video formats are supported?
We recommend using mp4.

Full list of video formats Projection Mapper supports:
IOS: mp4, mov, m4v
Android: mp4, 3gp, mkv
Codec: h264
Does Projection Mapper support high resolution video content?
It supports high resolution video content. The quality of the final image will be limited by the resolution of your projector.
Note: Running lots of high resolution videos simultaneously can lead to performance issues as more RAM is used.
What do the different icons mean?
See icon set list
How do I connect my smart device to the projector?
You can plug the compatible cable for your smart device into your projector.
How do I connect my smart device to the projector wirelessly?
You can wirelessly mirror Projection Mapper on your projector using a wireless streaming dongle that is compatible with your smart device.
Can I change my initial chosen content pack?
Uninstalling and reinstalling the app will allow you to choose a different content pack. However, you can purchase additional content packs within the Projection Mapper app.
How do I use my own images and videos (content)?
Whilst editing your scene, select the ‘material selection’ icon. Then select either the ‘download video’ or ‘download image’ icon. This will access any photos or videos taken with your smart device. It is also possible to add additional content through a computer.
How do I save scenes I have created? How do I view my saved scenes?
All scenes are automatically saved so even if you exit the app your work will be accessible from saved scenes. The three most recent scenes are accessible on the home screen. You can view all of your saved scenes by tapping the “saved scenes” icon on the home screen.
How do I view the final result of my project?
To view the final result of your project, tap the “enter performance mode” icon.
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