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Engage students through collaborative learning with iPads and tablets. Maximise comprehension and information retention with 3D learning.

Achieve with Education Solutions from Optoma


3D in Education
Small Room, Big Projection
Looking Closer
Wireless Communication

3D in Education


  • Comprehension
  • Information Retention
  • Engagement
  • Conceptualisation
  • Attainment

Bring ideas to life with 3D projection! The latest educational resource opens up new avenues of learning for both teachers and students alike.

Explore the world, travel through space and see inside the body… Optoma 3D projectors propel education to a whole new level of immersion and enjoyment.

Why is 3D important?

“The research results indicated that the pupils had a strong preference for visual and kinaesthetic learning, with 85% of the pupils preferring seeing and doing, while only 15% of pupils preferred hearing.”

The impact of 3D on academic results

“The results of the research indicate a marked positive effect of the use of 3D animations on learning, recall and performance in tests. Under experimental conditions, 86% of pupils improved from the pre-test to the post-test in the 3D classes, compared to only 52% who improved in the 2D classes.”

The impact of 3D on classroom interactions

“In class with 3D you have the ‘Wow’ effect. This helps with behaviour. The pupils are too interested to be disruptive. They get involved and forget to be naughty! I would like to keep using it and use it for different topics.” – Teacher comment.

Extracts taken from: The "3D in Education" White Paper - Written by Professor Dr Anne Bamford, Director of the International Research Agency

Wireless Communication

Teach and communicate from anywhere within the classroom. Optoma WPS wireless technology enables the sharing of images, videos and presentations directly from laptops, iPads, tablets or mobile devices for display to ANY Optoma projector.

Download the free App and use with the Optoma WPS wireless adapter

Small Room, Big Projection

Shadows and screen glare are a thing of the past with the Optoma range of short and ultra-short throw projectors. Educators can now stand and teach close to the screen.

Space saving

Easy to install, these projectors can display a 60” image from as little as 39cm from the screen.


Teach without interruption from shadows as the projector is positioned closer to the screen


Teaching becomes a fun and exciting experience with the interactive ultra-short throw projector.

Turn any surface into an engaging collaborative 3D interactive workspace, up to 100”, without the need for a screen or electronic whiteboard. Calibration free, the interactive pen replaces the traditional mouse and gives you control at the screen or from the other side of the room.

Two students can work side-by-side. No need for an interactive board.

Optoma is able to offer the latest in projection interactivity. Have the option to use interactivity from anywhere in the room or just at the whiteboard.

Looking Closer

Optoma Document Cameras

Visualise more detail

When it comes to teaching people, it's often the detail that counts and more is always better. Being able to share your ideas and knowledge with a large audience can be difficult.

With the Optoma Document Cameras, you simple position items under the camera, connect it to a projector or panel and show everything on the big screen live as it happens. Information becomes clear and everyone shares your vision.

Effectively display documents or 3D objects with impeccable detail to large audiences. The DC300i easily connect to a projector or large screen panel or TV. Take crystal clear images through the high resolution camera or capture full motion video up to 1080p, while using 12x digital zoom.

The DC300i is suitable for classrooms, lecture theatres, boardrooms and auditoriums.

2MP camera
9x optical zoom, 12x digital zoom
Swan neck design for easy adjustment
Snap shot function and video recording
Image rotation, mirror, freeze, compare
2 x microscope adapters

Accessories to complete your installation

Mounting Solutions
Universal ceiling mount, flush and with extension pole. (Pole mount adjustable height 576mm-826mm). Available in black and white
OWM855W Wall mount for the X305ST / W305ST / X306ST / W306ST / ZX212ST / ZW212ST. Telescopic mount with height adjustment plate. Available in white.
OWM1000 Wall mount for the EX685UT / EX685UTis / EW695UT / EW695UTis / X307UST / X307USTi / W307UST / W307USTi. Telescopic mount with height adjustment plate. Available in white.
Wireless Solutions
WPS Adapter Ideal for the EX631 / EX615 / EX762 / EW631 / EW615 / EW762 / X305ST / W305ST / X306ST W306ST - powered through VGA input. WPS Adapter can be used with any Optoma SVGA / XGA / WXGA projector using the supplied power adaptor. WPS Adapter lets you connect and display presentation and video material wirelessly.
Mini Wi-Fi Dongle
Ideal for the UTI(s) and ZX/ZW models - powered through USB input. Share photos, presentations and videos wirelessly using the Mini Wi-Fi Dongle.
Interactive Solution
Interactive Module 307UST Upgrade your 307UST with the interactive module. Up to two students can work together at the board using the easy annotation software provided.
Screens Solutions
Optoma offer a wide range of manual, portable and electric screens.

Optoma ProJect Green

Optoma is committed to help save you energy and money. Our range of education projectors have an eco-friendly design, help to reduce carbon footprint and conserve power.

Design and Packaging

We have designed our products to have a long usable life, use fewer materials, ship with minimum packaging and be free of many toxic substances. With each new product, we strive towards minimising our environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency

Optoma is at the forefront of introducing the most energy efficient products in the industry.

  • Less than 1 Watt power consumption in standby mode. Optoma was the first company to introduce projectors that consume up to 75% less energy compared to regular standby mode and we are committed to reducing ours tandby mode to less than 0.5W by 2013.
  • Optoma products are designed to limit energy use with features such as ECO mode, automatic shutdown and remote management and control.
  • Lamp savings - the projector lamp automatically turns off after 10 minutes with no input signal, so you can save on electricity, your lamp lasts longer and you reduce your replacement costs.
  • We are developing new technologies such as LED light sources, not only increasing lamp life but reducing the need to use the Earth's valuable resources.


Optoma designs products that last. Our approach to recycling begins with making our products efficiently with as few materials as possible. We've also consistently improved the lamp-life of our projectors, saving you money and producing less waste. Nevertheless, at some point there will come a time when it will be necessary to recycle your product. We here at Optoma fully subscribe to the WEEE Directive which aims to reduce the amount of electrical and electronic equipment being produced and to encourage everyone to reuse, recycle and recover it.

Peace of Mind

Optoma projectors are designed and built to the highest standards. As with all the other projectors used in an education environment, Optoma projectors require regular, routine servicing to ensure reliable operation. Your projector supplier will be able to advise a suitable service program and through our extensive partners, you'll have access to what is probably the most extensive network of service centres across Europe of any projector manufacturer.

Extra peace of mind

Optoma offer the following additional services and extended warranties. The availability of these warranties varies according to geographical location - check with your projector supplier for details:

  • 3 Year extended lamp warranty
  • Hot swap warranty
  • Projector de-install, reinstall service
  • On-site maintenance
Choosing the right projector

When choosing the right projector there are a few factors that need consideration, such as the room size, number of students and ambient light levels. Use the following guides to help you find the ideal projector for your application

Projector brightness based on room size
Room Size Number of Students Recommended Projector Brightness
Small 0 - 30 2500 - 3000L
Medium 30 - 50 3000 - 3500L
Large 50 - 100 3500 - 4000L
Lecture hall and Auditorium 100+ 4000L +
Additional projector brightness based on ambient light
Ambient Light Room Description Additional Recommend Brightness required
Dark room No windows 0L
Low ambient light Very little lighting from internal lighting or external windows 500L
Medium ambient light Low amounts of light from internal lighting and external windows 1000L
Bright ambient light Large amounts of light from internal lighting and external windows 2000L

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