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Ultra mobile LED
Extremely lightweight and ultra-mobile, these compact travellers are highly advantageous for executives and consumers on the move. Harnessing the latest LED technology, these projectors provide almost instant start up and shut down times and consistent brightness and colour performance.
Ultra mobile
Extremely lightweight and ultra-mobile, these compact travellers slip into a small carry-case, transporting conveniently to your next office meeting or home for HD entertainment. XGA and WXGA resolution; digital and analogue connectivity; size is no compromise for the ample features that can sit in the palm of your hand.
Slightly larger than their ultra-portable cousins, these projectors are suitable for many locations including boardrooms and home office. Optoma mobile projectors are compact, high contrast, designs combining all the features needed presentation excellence.
Desktop / install
From the table to the ceiling or wall, the Optoma install designs can adapt. Simply flip the screen to suit the projector’s position. Multiple computer and audio inputs add convenience to these long and short range projection options.
Short throw
Small room or very little space? A short throw projector is the key. Able to project a huge screen from less than 70cm distance, Optoma short throw models meet the demanding requirements of smaller environments. High quality detailed shadow-free presentation are now available from Optoma short throw range.
Ultra short throw
Projection without shadows, for any sized room, from as little as 40cm distance. Up to two students can participate and learn together with the inbuilt interactive capabilities allowing any projection surface to become an interactive one. Bring learning to life with the Optoma range of ultra-short throw projectors.
High Resolution
When detail and brightness are essential, Optoma projectors offer high-resolution, sharp, crystal clear images. Colours are balanced and darks and shades testify to high performance quality.

Designed specifically with your needs in mind, the Optoma Home range has something for everyone.

Whether you want the highest clarity for Full HD 1080p images; or perhaps you really want to immerse yourself in some action packed 3D gaming; maybe you are an avid sports fan?…there is nothing quite like seeing your favourite characters life-size on a huge projection screen.

Even if you only have a small space, or want to be able to use it with the lights on, Optoma have the perfect solution for you…

Taking projection to a higher level, the Optoma professional range is ideally suited to the professional install market. High brightness output, excellent connectivity and greater versatility are their hallmarks.

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