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Product Security (PSTI)

PSTI Compliance

The UK PSTI product security (Cyber) requirements, under the PSTI Regulations 2023, is mandatory from the 29th April 2024. All Optoma products covered under the UK PSTI Act and placed on the UK market or 'made available' from this date comply with the new Regulations. Products placed on the UK market prior to the 29th April 2024 are out of scope of the Statement of conformity (SOC) requirements, and may continue to be distributed and sold.

Statements of conformity can be seen below for product that fall under the PSTI regulations:

Product Name Support Period for Security Updates* PSTI Statement of conformity
ML1080/ML1080ST December 2023 - December 2025 LDMLGZBZ-LDMLGZBZST.pdf
UHZ55 February 2024 - February 2026 VDUHZUZ.pdf
GT2100HDR July 2023 - July 2025 DAZHHUZST.pdf
GT3500HDR April 2024 - April 2026 DAZHHSZUST.pdf
UHZ35ST September 2023 - September 2025 DAZKHSZST.pdf
UHZ66 October 2023 - October 2025 DAZKHUZ.pdf

* The defined support period will not shorten after the publication. If the support period will be extended, the new defined support period will be published as soon as is practicable

When looking to raise vulnerability reports regarding product security, please use the below submission form.
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