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Creating Art in Quarantine

Case Study


Projection Mapping


Hereford, UK

Type of Solution

LH160 ultra-portable projector

Optoma products used



Company name

Will Beach


Will Beach is a London based photographer and director. He shoots on both film and digital and specialises in portrait, fashion and live photography.


Company name

Notion Magazine


Studio Notion provides music-focussed brand marketing solutions for a range of innovative clients. Whether your brand is looking to shift perception, reach a new, wide-ranging audience spanning generations, boost sales or build brand loyalty and advocacy; we will help you make your mark on the cultural landscape in an authentic and meaningful way. Creating content and experiences people won’t want to miss out on – all which involve our first love… music and the artists behind the lyrics!

“The advice from Optoma of a portable projector was incredible, it meant I could set it up in difficult positions which the shoot required, and it was effortless to move around the different locations."

Will Beach, Photographer and Director


Photographer and Director Will Beach was presented with the challenge of creating the artwork for an editorial in Notion Magazine, featuring the much-admired visual artist, designer and DJ, KESH.

However, social distancing and self-isolation posed its own set of unique challenges.

“With everyone cooped up inside, all our social interactions have been driven to online channels. Meetings, photoshoots and even just hanging out with friends and family, have all been via video chat.

“I was inspired to counter this cooped-up feeling with an open-air quality for the photoshoot.

“Many photographers have used FaceTime as a means to shoot through, with Vogue recently releasing whole issues of similar shoots.

"I wanted to make mine different, so I thought bringing in projection would be an amazing way to present the final images, different to anything I’ve seen done during the lockdown period.”


“As KESH was at her home in LA and me in the UK, we began to plan the shoot through FaceTime. She gave me a tour of her personal home and we chose together where it would be cool to shoot.

“Where I live, I am very lucky to have long stretches of countryside, which I realise have been a blessing to have access to while in lockdown.

“That’s where the vision of coalescing the outdoor scenery around my home with the FaceTime photoshoot at KESH’s home originated.”

After directing the FaceTime photoshoot with KESH at her home, Will edited the photos in Lightroom and Photoshop, these are the images which would be projected onto the scenery around Will’s home.

Will decided on the Optoma LH160 projector for the challenge. The Full HD 1080p LED projector with built-in battery is a truly portable solution.

The built-in battery gives you up to 2.5 hours of projection time - perfect for outdoor use where no power source is available.

Boasting 1,500 LED brightness, LED technology provides efficiency to maintain consistent brightness, superior colour performance and an extraordinary life span.

Features such as four corner correction and auto keystone deliver flexibility in the set up – ideal for uneven walls or where projector placement is awkward and needs to be installed at an angle.

“The advice from Optoma of a portable projector was incredible, it meant I could set it up in difficult positions which the shoot required, and it was effortless to move around the different locations.

“We did take an extension cord, but in the places where there was no power available is where we had the most fun with the projection, we were able to just take it out and about and put it wherever we wanted.

“Shooting in low light with long exposure was the main obstacle and learning curve for me. By connecting the projector to the laptop with a HDMI, I could see the final photos in real-time, and adjust and edit in Photoshop as needed.”


“This has been one of my favourite projects!

“The lockdown pushed me to use technology as I never have done before, and the ease of use of the projector has given me further ideas for future shoots.

“The feedback from Notion Magazine has been amazing, they are super happy and positive about it – and it’s been a stand out feature.”

Read the full ‘Living Like KESH’ editorial: https://notion.online/living-like-kesh/


Will Beach

  • https://www.willbeach.uk/
  • https://www.instagram.com/willbeach__/?hl=en
  • [email protected]


  • https://www.instagram.com/kesh/?hl=en

Notion Magazine

  • https://notion.online/
  • https://www.facebook.com/NotionMagazine
  • https://www.instagram.com/notion/

Equipment List

  • LH160
  • Lightroom
  • Apple MacBook Pro
  • Photoshop
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