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The easiest projection mapping software!

HeavyM is a complete projection mapping software, with ready-to-use visual effects, audio reactivity and ability to import your own medias. Unleash its full power and create sensational visual experiences thanks to advanced features like the warping tool, the MIDI/OSC control and the integration with other A/V softwares.

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Intuitive drawing tools

Quickly adapt the projection of your animations to all mapping surfaces

Visual effects library

More than 1,000 possible combinations thanks to the software’s ready-to-use effects

Audio reactive visuals

Automatically synchronize your visual effects with the music

Import your own media content

Insert your videos, images or stream your webcam directly into the software

Quickly adapt your animations with the most intuitive projection mapping software

HeavyM’s drawing and creative tools provide all you need to transform space wherever your imagination leads you. Easily adapt your mapping to the events where you perform.

It doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to set up projections anywhere. It’s a real must-have! Use the preset shapes and save time or feel free to create your own shapes. It’s fast and easy!

A powerful projection mapping software to create astounding animations!

When making projection mapping, the name of the game is to quickly create animations that suit the audience and the feeling of your show. In addition to allowing you to add your own video content, HeavyM has the largest projection mapping effects library in the world.

Animate, add color and bring your scenery to life in all simplicity. A wide range of effects is available to create spectacular projects in just a few minutes. Never has a projection mapping software been so advanced in making projection mapping simple with ready-made animations.

This built-in library is completely available without any restrictions in HeavyM Live.

Combine your animations to the music

With just a few clicks, the built-in sound analysis makes possible to synchronize visual effects with the music played live. Stay focused on your music performance, HeavyM takes care of the rest. It becomes very easy for our DJ users to mix and have a VJing that perfectly follows the music.

Take things further by providing your audience with mind-blowing interactive projection mapping experiences with our most complete version: HeavyM Live.

Use Ableton Link to pair up HeavyM and your favorite music software, become freer by assigning effects to your MIDI controller and share video streams between software with the Syphon and Spout protocols.

The basics steps to create awesome projection mapping projects

1. Choose your projection mapping surface

HeavyM can be used anywhere and on any type of surface. The projection mapping surface can be an architectural element, your own decor or an Olga kit.

2. Place your projection mapping projector

All models are compatible with HeavyM. You just have to make sure your projector is well placed and that surface is entirely covered by the field of projection.

3. Define your projection mapping areas

Thanks to its drawing tools, HeavyM’s user-friendly and intuitive interface makes it possible to define outlines which perfectly fit your projection mapping area. This is easy to do using nothing but a computer mouse or trackpad. The projection mapping appears directly and instantly on your chosen projection mapping surfaces.

4. Add visual effects

Create your projection mapping in a matter of minutes simply by using ready-to-use animations created by HeavyM’s team. They automatically adapt to the outline of your surfaces. Animate, color and enliven your decors with the world’s most complete and diverse library of effects.

5. Import your own content

You can use your own photos and videos, HeavyM automatically adapts them to your projection mapping surfaces. You can also include video content from other applications as HeavyM is compatible with Syphon & Spout technologies, among others.

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