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Optoma Solution Suite

Optoma Solution Suite

Looking for a comprehensive and user-friendly software solution? Look no further than the Optoma Solution Suite. Our exclusive portfolio of programs includes Creative Board, File Manager, and Creative Cast – all designed to make your life easier and more efficient. Whether you're looking to organise your files, create engaging presentations, or streamline your workflow, the Optoma Solution Suite has everything you need. Upgrade your technology today and experience the convenience of our exclusive software solutions.

Creative Board: Creative sharing is easy with built-in annotation tools to help facilitate collaboration in the classroom. Designed for hybrid working - Creative Board provides smart collaboration and connectivity features for any classroom.

File Manager: Easily save files, organise them or move them from local storage to networkable storage. Even move files to popular cloud services in seconds (Drop Box, OneDrive and Google Drive).

Creative Cast: Connect any device. Wirelessly broadcast, share or stream your content to the big screen with CreativeCast Pro™. Screen mirror high-quality images, video, documents and audio from your smartphone, laptop or PC – all with a touch of a button. Bringing your own device has never been easier.


Optoma's exclusive portfolio of software solutions
Creative Board
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Optoma Solution Suite

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