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Important information regarding Optoma projector mounts

9th September 2014

This safety notice applies to the following Optoma projector mounts and is information for AV installers that may have recently used one of the following mount kits in a projector installation:

  • Optoma OWM855W
  • Optoma OWM1000

If you have used the above mount kits to install an Optoma projector in accordance with the mounting kit instructions there is no issue and you can ignore this notice.

If you have used the mounting kits to install a non-Optoma projector and you received the kits between July 29 – September 9th 2014 then please read the following carefully.

We have been informed by our supplier that one of the components in the mount kits that are used to install non-Optoma projectors are potentially faulty and could lead to the mount failing. Please use the guide below identify the affected part and ascertain if any of your installations are affected. If you identify an affected installation please remove the projector from the mount immediately and contact Optoma to arrange express delivery of replacement parts:

Sandy Heelan - Optoma TSC
Tel: +44 (0) 1923 691 883
Email: [email protected]

Faulty Part Identification

The potentially faulty part is the Extension Arm that is included in the projector mount kits. This can be identified from the diagrams below. The mounting instructions that are included in the projector mount carton identify this part as either part “O” for the OWM1000, or as part “V” for the OWM855W.

There are 2 versions of the Extension Arms: metal and plastic. There are no issues with the metal version. If you have received a plastic version you should check the purchase date carefully. Not all plastic versions are potentially faulty. If you have received plastic versions and received the kits between July 29 – September 9th please contact Optoma to arrange express delivery of replacement parts.

If you are using the projector mount kit in accordance with the included mounting instructions and are using the projector mount kit to mount an Optoma projector the Extension Arms should not have been used. These arms are only required if the mount kit is used with a projector that is not an Optoma model. See the mounting instructions for details.

Identification images from the mounting kit instructions

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